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Audio-Technica Releases 60th Anniversary Edition Headphones ATH-W2022

Audio-Technica has announced that the ATH-W2022 headphones will be available for purchase in the near future. The headphones are produced by the Audio-Technica headquarters factory, using the same series of first-generation products as the sound cavity shell of Mizore Sakura material, and the shell of the Echizen lacquer maki-e process hand decorated. There are also Kiso hinoki and white tung wood production of headphone storage box to match.

The year 2022 marks the 60th anniversary of Audio-Technica’s founding, and the 60th anniversary edition vinyl players AT-SB2022 and AT-LP2022 are already available.

Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Launches Yiwu Pay

Zhejiang China Commodity City Group officially released Yiwu Pay on February 20. Yiwu Pay has reached cooperation with more than 400 banks worldwide, covering more than 100 countries and regions, and the mainstream currencies of international payment and receipt have reached 16, opening up a cross-border RMB payment channel. Similar to other payment tools, Yiwu Pay supports code payment, internet banking payment, cash withdrawal and transfer. It also supports PC payment, mobile App payment, mobile H5 payment and online code sweeping to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers.

New Edge Patch Permanently Disables Internet Explorer

Previously, Microsoft announced in a May 2021 announcement that Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) would be “permanently disabled in a future version”. The change has now gone live with the February Microsoft Edge update patch. According to the announcement update, the remaining visual presentation of IE11, such as the IE11 taskbar icon, will be removed in the June 2023 Windows security update.

Outlook Mailbox Spam Filtering Invalid

According to The Verge, the failure of Microsoft’s Outlook mailbox spam filtering mechanism has gradually spread over the past few weeks and exploded on Feb. 20, with Outlook users around the world reporting large amounts of spam in their Focused Inboxes (the secondary filtering mechanism of Outlook mailbox). The problem was fixed this morning, according to Microsoft’s service status page.

Other News

A model of Nubia NX712J passed the network certification and radio approval, but no parameters and photos were released, and some tipsters said it was the previously leaked under-screen camera model Z50 Ultra.

Meta announces the paid verification program named Meta Verified to charge users $11.99 per month on web and $14.99 per month on mobile for Facebook and Instagram. The users of “Meta Verified” account will be awarded with a verified badge like the blue badge of Twitter.