Apple, Adobe & Other News

Apple Goes Online with Help Me Choose quiz
The Apple Store was recently updated to include a quiz called Help Me Choose. Users can choose basic conversation, work, education, and creative hobbies based on what they use it for. Next, they can choose everyday must-have items, such as online browsing, social media, email, video chatting, and streaming movies and music. The test then prompts the user to choose the environment in which it will be used, at home, outdoors, or on a business trip and so on. Finally, a customized Mac is recommended based on your budget and external device usage.

Apple Developer Academy Launches New AI Training Courses
On June 19, Apple announced that it will be launching a new AI training course for Developer Academy students, instructors, and alumni this fall. The new core curriculum will initially be available to thousands of students and alumni at 18 Developer Academies in six countries (Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the U.S.).

The core curriculum includes learning how to build, train, and deploy machine learning models on a variety of Apple devices; learning the fundamentals of AI technologies and frameworks; an introduction to Core ML and how it enables high-performance on Apple devices; and how to build and train AI models from scratch.

Adobe Clarifies It Will Not Use User Artwork for AI Training

On June 19, Adobe updated its product terms of service, adding several new subcategories to the section on Adobe’s access to user content, including one specifically for generative AI.

The terms make it clear that Adobe’s software will not use your local or cloud-based content to train generative AI models, with the only exception being that if you submit your work to the Adobe Stock Marketplace, Adobe can use it to train an AI tool called Adobe Firefly. The new terms also address user concerns about Adobe scanning content protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), emphasizing that Adobe does not scan or view local work stored on users’ devices, but only automatically scans content uploaded to the cloud to ensure that it is not hosting illegal or abusive content. Adobe will only conduct manual reviews if a work is flagged or reported as illegal or opted into a pre-release, beta or Adobe Product Improvement Program.

Other News

CMF, a sub-brand of Nothing, recently announced in a tweet on the X platform that it will hold a new product launch event on July 8, local time, where it will unveil the CMF Phone 1, the CMF Buds Pro 2, and the CMF Watch Pro 2. According to previous information, the CMF Phone 1 features a colorful polycarbonate body and is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7300 SoC, with a 6.67-inch FHD camera and a 6.67-inch FHD camera, and a 6.67-inch FHD camera. It comes with a 6.67-inch FHD+ 120Hz OLED, 5000mAh built-in, and supports 33W wired charging.