What are the new features in macOS Ventura 13.0

Apple has released the latest iOS 16 and iPadOS firmware, and the new Mac is now using Apple’s own processors. The latest macOS Ventura system is not only designed to grow Apple’s own ecosystem, but also to compete directly with Windows 11.

The latest macOS Ventura 13.0 release also brings many new features to the Mac, such as Front Desk Scheduling (multi-window management), the ability to turn the iPhone into the Mac’s camera, new Focus Search, recognition of text in pictures/videos, Photo iCloud shared libraries, receiving screen casts, and more; and on M1/M2 processors, the ability to run directly on the Mac iOS apps.

The UI, icons, and interactions in Apple’s macOS Ventura are largely the same as in previous versions, but this time with a stronger focus on “efficiency” optimization and multiplayer collaboration. Thanks to the M1/M2 series processors in the new Macs, Ventura not only lets you run iOS apps on the Mac desktop, but also gives you a silky smooth performance.

After “Universal Clipboard”, “App Relay”, “Drop”, “Universal Control After “Universal Control” (universal control/keyshare, drag-and-drop files across devices), Apple Ecology has brought a new feature – “Camera Interchange”. FaceTime also supports HandOff, which allows you to switch between your iPhone, iPad and Mac during a call, and more.

The Camera Interchange feature turns your iPhone into a Mac’s Ultra HD camera, with a completely wireless connection for smoothness and clarity! With its ultra-wide angle lens, it can also capture both the user’s face and the desktop from an overhead angle, making it very useful for UP owners who need to record videos or for those who often have video conferences.

Stage Manager
Improving the efficiency of multiple APP windows and multitasking has always been a design problem for major operating systems, but this time Apple has given a very elegant solution – Stage Manager. It automatically arranges the open APPs and their windows, allowing users to focus on their current work while keeping an eye on the APPs in the background.

The Stage Manager feature has been introduced to the latest macOS and iPad, and when enabled, the window of the app you are using is displayed in the center of the screen, while the rest of the windows are displayed as thumbnails on the left side, allowing users to switch between multiple tasks easily and quickly.

For some work that requires multiple apps at the same time, the Stage Manager feature also supports combining different APP windows into groups, so you can switch to multiple apps at once, which is very useful. It also works with other macOS features such as Scheduler and Space to make your multitasking faster and more efficient.

Enhanced Spotlight Search
In macOS Ventura, Spotlight Spotlight Search has also been significantly enhanced. For example, you can now use Spotlight Search to find images directly in apps like Photos, Notes, and Access, and with Live Text recognition, you can also find text in images.

Focused Search also provides richer graphical content for searching web content such as movies, music, sports, TV, businesses, etc. You can also use Focused Search to quickly perform actions such as setting alarms, turning on focus mode, finding song titles with Shazam, running shortcut commands, and more.

Safari browser enhancements in multiple ways
Safari is a highly efficient browser that delivers great performance while surfing the web and helps you save more battery power. The new version of Safari includes Shared Tab Groups, which makes it easier to share your “open sites” with groups, friends, colleagues, or family.

In addition, Safari browser also introduces the “pass key” feature, which replaces passwords with biometric features such as your fingerprint or face ID for a simpler and more intuitive way to quickly log in to various APPs or websites. The pass key is a unique digital key and is only kept in the device and never uploaded to the cloud server. Therefore, hackers cannot technically steal the key from the web server or the user.

Live Text – Recognize and copy text from videos and images
Thanks to the powerful machine learning ability, Apple has introduced the “live text” function in macOS Monterey, which allows users to directly copy the text in the picture, which is quite practical. Now, in addition to pictures, macOS even supports text recognition in videos, so users can finally copy any text content directly into the video.

More features:
With iCloud Shared Gallery, users can share a photo gallery among up to six family members, so everyone’s photos and videos can come together for anyone to enjoy at any time.

The Mail app now supports unsend, so you can avoid sending emails by mistake.
Email also features scheduled delivery (send later), which allows users to set a specific time to send messages.

iMessage messages also support undo and modify message content.

Thanks to Metal 3 hardware acceleration and MetalFX Upscaling, it’s possible to port big 3A games like Resident Evil 8 to the Mac and have them run smoothly.

System Preferences has been renamed System Settings, and the interface UI has been made more consistent with iPad and iOS.

Of course, macOS Ventura also inherits all the useful features of previous versions such as macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, and Catalina. For example, universal controls, spaced play, Sidecar (which uses iPad as an extended display for the Mac and supports touch operation and Apple Pencil handwriting), universal clipboard, app relay, spaced drop, relay, and more, can all continue to be enjoyed.

With the continuous upgrade of macOS and more and more interactive features with iPhone and iPad, such as sharing keys and mice across screens, dragging and dropping files across devices, using iPad as a Mac monitor, copying and pasting across devices, AirPlay casting, etc., and even now you can run rich iOS apps on Mac, the whole Apple ecosystem is really quite awesome.

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