App Uninstaller Review

App Uninstaller is a simple-to-use Mac uninstaller that is powerful yet lightweight to run without any bogging down experience. It can effectively search, locate and thoroughly delete all the related files of the to-be-removed apps, as well as clean associated entries at sections like Login Items and other settings in Privacy & Security. App Uninstaller is very lightweight to run and can run on almost all Mac computers of any specifications, one of the most compatible-friendly apps in the market. The intuitive and ease-of-use interface offers you the native Mac app experience and get the job done without any hassle in just a few clicks. App Uninstaller provides direct developer support to resolve your help request, and 2-day response time on their dedicated ticket support system. The pricing is the best cost-effective and one-time cost to access the uninstaller app, updates, upgrades and technical support at no cost.

We have tested using App Uninstaller to get rid of a lot of Mac apps, and it just works very well to completely remove them without any hassle, one of the most joyful experience we’ve ever experienced.

Testing #1: Uninstall iZotope RX10 Audio Editor Advanced

iZotope RX is a software for repairing, editing and enhancing audio. iZotope RX comes with new technologies for post-production such as mic rustling, dialogue isolation, and low-frequency wind removal. While it may look like magic, RX is built on a wealth of experience in advanced digital processing and machine learning. iZotope RX comes with cutting-edge technology for post-production such as lavalier mic rustling, dialogue isolation, and low-frequency wind removal. It also incorporates creative ways to solve long-standing recording problems such as mic whine, hiss, open-mouth, and breathing sounds. With RX, seemingly impossible audio restoration techniques can be taken to the next level.

Testing #2: Uninstall iReal Pro

iReal Pro is a sheet music compiler for the Mac computer with powerful sheet music style accompaniment. iReal Pro not only can play more than 30 different styles of accompaniment according to the score, but also can achieve a good production effect whether in the form of Latin, jazz, or country style scores, and its specialized teaching system greatly facilitates the teaching guidance of users in the right direction of score arrangement as opposed to the beginner’s experience.

Virtual band to accompany your practice

– Choose from 47 different styles of accompaniment in the app (swing, folk, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, country, rock, funky, reggae, bossa nova, Latin) and 12 blues styles as a one-time in-app purchase.
– Personalize each style with a variety of sounds, including piano, electric piano, folk and electric guitar, acoustic guitar and electric bass, drums, vibraphone, organ and more
– Record yourself or sing along to the tunes.

Play, edit and download as many songs as you want

– Download over a thousand songs from the forum in just a few easy steps
– Edit an existing song collection or create your own using the editor
– The player will play any song you have edited or created
– Create multiple editable playlists

Improve your skills with the included chord charts.

– Show guitar tablature/chord and piano fingering in your chord chart
– View piano and guitar/chord fingering for any chord
– Show chord suggestions for each piece of music to help improvise

Practice in the mode and level of your choice

– Includes 50 sets of exercises for practicing general chord progressions
– Transpose any chart to any key or number sign
– Loop chord charts within a set of bars for focused practice
– Advanced exercise settings (automatic rhythm increase, automatic pitch shifting)
– Global Eb, Bb, F and G transpositions for horn player

Share, print and export – wherever you want your music to follow you when you need it!

– Easily share individual charts or entire playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and forums
– Export PDF and MusicXML charts
– Export WAV, AAC and MIDI audio
– Upload your songs and playlists to iCloud to protect your data and keep them in sync between various iCloud-enabled devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac

Testing #3: Uninstall TinkerTool System

TinkerTool System is a maintenance tool for Mac platform to help you modify some hidden system properties, including system interface fonts, whether to not show hidden files, etc. There are many features and options on the Mac that are not exposed to the user through the interface, and as a system user, every time you change a hidden setting, you need to search the Internet, such as turning off the creation of .DS_store files on network archives, and so on, to get a command line that is impossible to remember. This is especially annoying after each Mac reinstallation. TinkerTool is a free program to make hidden functions appear, from Finder/Dock/Quicktime/iTunes/Safari hidden function customization to various interface font choices, font smoothness, login items, all kinds of customization, very convenient. And it will not damage the system, the settings are only valid for the current user.’s App Uninstaller performs very well as it advertises to completely uninstall the tested apps without any hassle. It is the best Mac uninstaller we’ve tested so far, and should be recommended for everyone using Mac computer as one of the most essential tools on a daily basis.